Lisa Arowcavage, Senior loan officer

This business has given me so many happy moments. It's easy to help people who have excellent credit and job time. But, it's a challenge to help people who have had been turned down by other lenders. I've been in this business for over 17 years.The reason I'm still doing it, is because of all the referrals I've received from clients that nobody else would help. Don't get me wrong, I get referrals from clients with great credit also but the ones that thought that they would never get approved, those were special! Anyone, regardless of credit scores, becomes family to us at Indiana Mortgage Company. Come over, we still have room at the table!

Lisa Arowcavage

Lisa Arowcavage
Senior loan officer
NMLS# 283512

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3900 South Walnut Street, Suite A
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